Social Interaction Specialist

Image is important! Mitch, our technical wiz provides a seamless and sleek essence to our social media presence. His savvy hashtag skills help us reach a continuously growing number or donors and volunteers alike.

Zoe & Reagan

Cuties on Duty

These two adorable young ladies bring nothing but smiles and laughs to anyone they encounter. They arguably have the most important job ever because as we all know, cuteness ain't easy! You can find them strong-arming money from donors or handing out sandwiches to our beloved community!

We've got a job for you!

Lead Dispensary Advisor

No great machine runs without organization. Ebony provides a major and necessary component to this foundation. We couldn't do what we do without her! With an array of donations coming in, Ebony elegantly and successfully logs and stores all items received, as well as constantly pursuing new leads on the needs of our neighbors. She is our backbone and incapsulates a beautiful spirit and positive disposition that fills any room.

Who We Are

Founder & Lead Community Event Organizer

“This all started from a immense desire to do my part by supporting our neighbors who have fallen on hard times. With just a bit of hope and a group of supportive friends, we were able to accomplish something much greater than my original scope of plans that continues to grow into a larger blessing each day!” Tee, the founder of A Bit of Hope is an active Air force Reservist and Bellevue Alumn who began building the infrastructure for the foundation in 2015. Her vivacious personality and down to earth leadership skills have helped make way for an evolving modern community outreach outlet that welcomes anyone with a desire to make a difference.

Assistant Community Event Organizer

Always stamped with a warm hug and infectious smile, JaMe provides a personable and nurturing touch to all of Bit of Hope’s community interactions. Her fiery desire to help makes for an amazing support to the Lead Community Event Organizer. JaMe works in all aspects of the foundation, from finding new locations to hold fundraisers to communicating with supporting powers to assist in making sure A Bit of Hope provides a stronger community impact with each passing day.

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Organization visibility coordinator

There are a million ways to skin a cat, well in this case to manage and promote our social visibility (we do not condone skinning cats). Danielle oversees and pursues a large number of leads to assist in getting the word out about us outside of social media. If you've seen signs, T shirts, ads, or any other promotional materials, she's behind it!

We make people happy and have fun doing it! Bit of hope facilitates a way to work towards a common goal; helping our community’s homeless by providing food, clothing, hygiene products and services. We also provide support to our little neighbors by contributing school products year round! Our mission is to spread hope, even if just a little bit at a time. We welcome the help and hearts of all around the community to give the gift of hope, by simply lending a helping hand.